“We become what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” — Aristotle
No matter what the housing type or price range, Pinnacle is best known for building the finest communities, both in design and quality, in the most sought after locations. This reputation has established a customer following eager to preview new neighborhoods while they are still on the drawing board.

Establishing and maintaining this standing is achieved only through careful planning and analysis by the Pinnacle team of experts. Reviewing hundreds of land parcels for their potential market attributes; making the best use of views, vegetation and other natural features in the plan for the neighborhood; designing architecture that compliments the land’s topography and best suits the lifestyle of future homeowners. These are our everyday activities that ensure the next Pinnacle Community will continue, if not improve, the tradition set by its predecessors.

The Pinnacle Promise
To insure our customers’ utmost satisfaction our staff is dedicated to providing a home that you can be proud of for many years to come. Operational excellence on our part is not just confined to meeting the most stringent standards of design and durability, but to understanding our customers’ special needs. We believe that by “partnering” with you, we will reach our shared goal together. Our many years of experience in the home building industry will lead you through the purchase, home personalization and home inspection process with as little stress as possible. Communication is the key, we never lose touch with our customers and we constantly ask, “what can we do to be better?”

Building a community is more than just constructing homes and Pinnacle has always striven to anticipate and provide the details that enhance lifestyle. Utilizing the land’s best assets in the planning process, designing a streetscape that makes coming home a rewarding experience, establishing amenities that make sense for the residents are the trademarks of a Pinnacle community. Using the building blocks of today’s technology, Pinnacle’s alliance with Homesync takes community development to the next level, providing homeowners with the latest systems plus a huge range of beneficial services.

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